3D Modeling in Maya | Tutorial | Jar modeling | Autodesk Maya 2020 | Dastan Artifex | (Part 1\3)

How to make a jar 3D modeling in Maya with some easy tools. This tutorial of the jar modeling technique can make an easy way to make roundness and smart curves in any model. 3d modeling in Maya with very simple techniques hard surface modeling. Quad mesh

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UVs in Maya | Tutorial | Materials in Arnold 4.0 | Autodesk Maya 2020 | Dastan Artifex | (Part 2\3)

How to unwrap UV’s in Maya and Glass Materials with Arnold in Maya. UV’s with wrap tool makes it easy to adjust any label or sticker on any object. Arnold materials can make awesome rendering in Maya. uvs in Maya glass material in Arnold how to unwrap in Maya

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How to render in Arnold Maya | Tutorial | Arnold | Autodesk Maya 2020 | Dastan Artifex | (Part 3\3)

How to render in Arnold Maya. Lighting and rendering in Maya and Arnold with some easy features in Maya. Autodesk Maya with lighting and rendering makes your object more powerful.

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